We are a software development company
And we create wonderful experiences

We could talk about ourselves. We could tell you that we have been building enterprise grade software for over 20 years. And how we have helped large and small companies become more successful.

We could tell you about the brilliant people on our Design, Product, Development and QA teams. Or about our engineering practices and our development processes. Or even how we have started investing in the future by building applications for Virtual Reality, Robotics and 3D modelling.

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But we really want to talk about you

And how we can support your ideas and turn them into execution

How we do it

Our 4-stage process where we work with you through the entire product lifecycle.

  • 1. Vision and Consultation

    1. Vision and Consultation In the first stage, we learn what you are trying to do. We capture your product requirements, features and learn about the App's target audience. We work with you as a consultant, merging our experience with your vision to come up with a comprehensive product requirements document (PRD).

  • 2. Product Prototype

    2. Product Prototype Next, we create an interactive prototype that lets you play around with certain elements of the App and gives you a "feel" for how the final product would function. It also helps close many gaps that can't be captured through words on a written document.

  • 3. Development & Code

    This is where we make the magic happen! Working on Open Source technologies as much as possible, we convert the finalised prototype and designs into code! Through out this process, our Product Managers keep you updated on the progress against milestones.

  • 4. App Delivery & After service

    Yay, your App is ready to be deployed! We will monitor and fix any bugs that occur during our service window. And our ongoing support packages can help support your business as it evolves and grows!

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