Other services

Some of the other services we offer

1. Web Research

Keeping track of information on the internet isn't always easy. Information changes. Rapidly. Collating data from a variety of sources, our Web Research team helps companies keep track of changes that affect their business.

Our team generates periodic reports based on your criteria. This data can be used to funnel down to the aspects important to your business.

2. Transcription Services

Partech is a leading provider of digital transcription services with a wealth of experience in,

  • Banking
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Medicine
  • University
  • Finance
  • Automobile
  • and Insurance sectors.

3. Digital Archiving

Partech is a digital archiving and retrieval solutions provider for digitizing a range of documents, including -- valuable historical records, legal proceedings, police, government, financial, educational, health and medical records.

We provide a complete solution that not only digitizes your data, but provides an intuitive interface to quickly locate and retrieve what you are looking for.

Document Scanning

Partech operates a large scanning facility in Mumbai with a dedicated team to manage the scanning and digitization of documents.

How it works

  1. Physical documents are moved to Partech's document management centre.
  2. Each physical document is catalogued and marked with a bar-code so that it can be tracked both by the client and by our team.
  3. The document is then scanned into a file and relevant information extracted, stored and indexed on our system where it can be made available to you immediately over the internet on our secure servers, or, alternately burnt on a DVD or other media.

We also operate a document destruction and disposal facility using high speed cross cut shredders which shred your documents securely. The result is mixed with random documents and then recycled.

Archiving & Retrieval

Partech provides a complete archiving and retrieval solution that ensures that your data is not only archived digitally but can also be retrieved by searching for it on any field required -- including by date, tag, id. We even include a free-text search, which searches for the text you type on all fields.

This is very powerful in helping you locate your data, especially if you don't have a backend geared for search.

We offer two versions of our retrieval product ParView -- an online version and an offline version. The online version allows you to access your data anywhere in the world securely over our encrypted servers. The offline version is a desktop application that keeps data on your computer and allows you to search and retrieve digitized documents.

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